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  1. From my posts on ORBX support forum (https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/207596-openlc-europe-terraindll/?tab=comments#comment-1769313), I hope this helps to many Bus jockeys to land at LSGG without CTDs in P3Dv5 and higher : I wasted many hours with attempts to solve CTDs with P3Dv5 and v5.2 on customer's machine. And found workaround. You need rename OLC_EU_REG_L_French.bgl file in the folder Orbx\p3dv5\Global openLC Europe\Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU4\Scenery to OLC_EU_REG_L_French.bgl.off and CTDs are gone. No matter what scenery You use - Aerosoft, FSDT, default or any freeware. LUSA2R and other STARs are again flyable. I tried open that file with tmfviewer, file looks OK. If tthis file is active, all attempts for ILS approach for rwy 22 ended with CTD. With renamed, all is OK. Then I downloaded freeware landclass file for Switzerland from https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2295/fsx-landclass-scenery-for-switzerland/, with these files was all my attempts to land at default and all freeware LSGG airports rwy 22 successfull. From September, i fiddled with next 3 other computers with same problem, this trick is 100% working. It is shame that ORBX's response is sooo slooooow. BTW, route LOWI - LSGG is my favourite, BANKO R/N is very spectacular, same words about AKITO.
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  2. What better scheme to test fly in great work by Stu Antonio.
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  3. Out of TLS and over the Pyrenees.
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  4. It begins to look a lot like christmas...
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  5. I think it's rare to find a PC peripheral with such divided user experience, but I certainly belong to the no Track-IR camp. I bought it and attempted to use it numerous times but I ended up not liking it for the reasons Stu mentions. I found it very counter intuitive to move the head while locking the eyes on the screen. But I know it works for many people and that's great!
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  6. No problem, everybody can always disagree with me. My issue with those trackers is the fact that you turn your head while your eyes have to stay on the screen. I don‘t see the point of that. I don‘t look left, I still look straight but with my head turned. I find that stange. Also, you can only move your head so much that you can still see the screen. So looking down on the pedestal can only work of you map the system to move the view 80deg down while your head moves only 10deg. And you‘ll end up with your face down but the eyes fully up to be able to see the screen. Same with the other directions. For me this was so annoying and counter intuitive, I just couldn‘t handle it. But again, that‘s just my experience and opinion. It‘s working well for many others and that‘s totally fine.
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  7. First time ever I am left with no other choice but to disagree with Stu. I bought my first TrackIR some 15 years ago. I couldn't sim a minute without it. But yes, it has little to do with the type of monitor.
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  8. The A320 code for flight control computers is not manually written. Instead Airbus us a graphical tool called SCADE for formal specification of the functional requirements which can then be used to automatically generate the code to meet the requirements specified. There's an interesting paper on the fly by wire architecture here if you want to read more: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2F978-1-4020-8157-6_18.pdf
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  9. Version 1.0.0


    Tigerair Taiwan A320 B-50007
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