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  1. Hi all, Quite a bit of time since we updated you with our status... sometimes it's true that with our heads so deep into the code, it's difficult to come up and take a breath... there's quite a bit of development going on in the Labs, I won't tire you with the same old "it's very complex" reason, but it remains true today. Those of you who have read my status updates in the past will understand that my roots are in programming and development, so my skill set is more honed towards writing code than spreading hype and marketing fluff. As such, forgive me for sometimes forgetting that it's nice
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  2. Gentlemen, your thirst for information is well founded and well understood. However, such statements (even put in bold letters) serve no purpose as we will release new information about our progress exactly when new information is to be released - producing blanket statements such as "it's going well" don't make any sense and "telling you precisely what problem we must have encountered" (we have encountered none - it's just long and hard work) simply means that you have no respect for our work and also no understanding that we are under no obligation to produce any such "precise statement".
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  3. However, I would really like to see a statement by the developers. I know that an A320 is very complex and the FSL team has my full respect for doing an A320. However, giving updates has absolutely nothing(!) to do with complexity. Just a few words like :" Currently, we are ... and we did.... and at the moment it is looking look...should take too long.. and and and" are not that demanding.... My mean point is, that -if there are no status updates by the developers-, we - the customers- will loose patience and hope into that project. THIS must be avoided! But, if it continues the way it d
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