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A320-X - Unsupported Mods

This category is for A320-X modifications that our users might find useful, but are currently officially unsupported.

35 files

  1. Replacement Cabin Sounds

    These are replacement cabin sounds for the boarding, in-flight, and deboarding phases of flight.  They were recorded on an American Airlines A321.  And as such, are better suited for the American carriers as opposed to the default sounds that were obviously recorded on a European flight.  Props to FSLabs for making a system that makes these sounds even possible!

    These sounds have only been tested in p3d v4.1, so I don't know if they will work in FSX or any other variant.

    MAKE BACKUPS of your original files first.  If you do not, only a full reinstall of the aircraft will restore the default sounds.

    TO INSTALL: Locate the 'Cabin' folder within the 'Enviro' folder in your FSLabs 'Sound' folder.  The path should be similar to "C:\Users\yourcomputernamehere\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\Sound\FSLabs\A320X\Enviro\Cabin

    Open the .rar folder and move all of the sounds from there to the 'Cabin' folder, overwriting the originals when prompted.




  2. GSX File Updated for 2.2 | P3Dv4 ONLY

    This configuration file is to be used for GSX Prepar3D v4 version only. With the recent update (GSX 2.2), FSDT added 3rd cargo loader. This file makes use of that feature. Check changelog for other things.
    Installation steps:
    1- Download the file. 2- Go to %AppData%\Virtuali\Airplanes (If you do not have Airplanes folder, create one) 3- Create 2 folders with the names "FSLabs A320 CFM" and "FSLabs A320 IAE" (without the quotation marks) respectively. 4- Copy and paste the downloaded file to each folder. For example: %AppData%\Virtuali\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE\gsx.cfg  
    - [Add] Bulk cargo loader (with custom check) - [Fix] fuel truck position - [Fix] wing positions - [Fix] custom refueling system  



  3. Lufthansa cabin texture & light

    This texture set is completely made in gimp without any paintkit. For installation you put the textures into the folder of the respetive livery. (C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\*livery*)
    Repainters - If you wish you can include the textures in your own liveries and redistribute them or customize the textures and then redistribute them!



  4. Easyjet cabin // NEW Texture, Light //

    There it's my new separated cabin texture for Easyjet
    Enjoy !!





  5. BA cabin // NEW Texture, Light //


    There it's my new separated cabin texture for BA

    Enjoy !!



  6. CFM56 Texture Replacement Mod

    *** IMPORTANT - Use of this mod is at your OWN risk ***
    I spent many hours creating entirely new textures for the FSLabs A320 CFM variant and this is the result.  You should be able to use these textures with any FSL A320 CFM variant as the textures included here do not contain livery specific details.  Saying that though, they were specifically crafted to match my repaints' specular maps and general aesthetic and may look "out of place" in default liveries or ones created by third parties due to specular map differences.
    - All new pylon textures with two variations based on aircraft age/operator.
    - New engine intake textures.
    - New fan blades.
    - New spinner texture.
    - Colour-matched to Christian Mohr's wing textures.
    Installation instructions:
    These textures are "drop in" and can be used with any existing FlightSimLabs CFM A320 without affecting your livery.
    Decide on which pylon variant you want to use for your livery.  A google image search for your aircraft registration will usually indicate which variant to use. Copy the contents of CFM Variation 1 (New Style) folder or the CFM Variation 2 (Old Style) in this archive into your FSLabs A320 SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Texture.XXX folder where XXX is the livery you want to use them for. Overwrite any files if asked to. Go fly! Should you choose to use a specific set for *ALL* of your CFM liveries (without having to copy them to each livery's folder) then you can:
    Place turbine-metal_t.dds, turbine-metal_t_bump.dds and turbine-metal_t_spec.dds in SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\Texture, overwriting the existing files (BACK UP ALL THE ORIGINALS FIRST). Place turbine_fast_CFM_t.dds and turbine-slow_CFM_t.dds in SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Texture, overwriting the existing files (BACK UP ALL THE ORIGINALS FIRST). NOTE: I increased the size of the turbine-metal_t.dds file to 2048x2048 to retain some of the detail I added.  FSX/P3Dv3.x and earlier may exhibit increased VAS usage due to this.
    Variation 1 Preview:

    Variation 2 Preview:




  7. LOWW_ATC_Chatter

    Hi Simmeers,
    I like real world ATC chatter in the background which makes the cockpit environment a bit more realistic. Therefore I have a collection of real world ATC chatter from LOWW.
    Maybe you know them, maybe not...nevertheless enjoy!



  8. FSL_A320_VC_shadows.zip

    FSL A320 VC Texture Mod
    VC texture set bakes in shadows from switches and dials to the main panel.




    Two versions included ( Dirty / Very Dirty ) Painters are free to use them for their repaints by giving me credit ( psd kit with layers included )



  10. lufthansa A230 Master Series White LH Wings

    white wings as LH and Germanwings  has them on their entire fleet ! Painters are allowed to use them for their paints as well



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