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  2. Luis Landa

    Airline2Sim A320 Cadet

    @Ben WestonI’m enjoying this program but I’ve a suggestion: when you’re explaining something related to one of the displays it would have been nice to have some more zoom on the displays or to pop-up it. On my iPad it’s not so easy to see the text of the displays.
  3. Steven Silva

    Sharklet Hype

    or the end of the year even one year
  4. Bryan Richards

    OAT cold, brakes hot?

    I see what you are saying. I always thought of it that if on a slippery surface if the deceleration rate for a given autobrake setting is such that it would cause the the wheels to skid, the anti-skid system would release the locked wheel and then the autobrake would then reapply braking, to try again and repeating the process. So in that case, just like how a single brake application is better for brake temperatures than multiple smaller or shorter braking applications when taxiing, I figured the same would apply here. Because of the anti-skid, the autobrake has to apply multiple
  5. Today
  6. Edward Stefanovich

    Flight preparation

    Greetings. Still learning airbus here. I am trying to clarify a couple of things here in regards how to properly prepare MCDU/ATSU for a flight. After reading tutorials and plenty of discussion here I got a bit confused. 1. Flight initialization. Per ATSU tutorial (page 6) if using Simbrief I just need to access ATSU AOC MENU, select INIT page and then select INIT DATA REQ. The way I understand it's all I have to do to initialize the flight. Based on videos and other discussions I noticed that people initialize the flight via AOC INIT and then still to access MCDU INIT A pag
  7. John Wharton

    Why do my liveries look like this?

    OK I went back in and checked and see where I must have turned on deicing so I hit the redo button and the streaking went away. So thank you for the explanation. Now back to learning this aircraft.
  8. Mateusz Chalupniczak

    OAT cold, brakes hot?

    You see logical error here key is that they are trying to achive certain decel rate, not achivieing. In normal dry conditions using reversers doesn't affect landing distance since the decel rate is the same for both reversers and autobreaks. But in wet/slippery conditons autobreaks won't work as effective becuase of mentioned skid effect (and anti-skid system that releases brakes). So in order to reduce landing distance you use reversers that a) takes away some "work" from brakes b) less brake "work" means less frequent anti skid so they are working steadier (better) Hope it
  9. Ifikratis Kamenidis

    Airbus sidestick mod (in progress)

    The adapter arrived! The mod works and looks amazing : )
  10. Alex Pugh

    Sharklet Hype

    Dude, take a break. Like 6 months off.
  11. Stu Antonio

    OAT cold, brakes hot?

    But that would contradict the AutoBrake logic, that tries to archieve a certain amount of decelleration rather than applying an equal brake force each time. This whole thing is very very technical I guess.
  12. John Wharton

    Why do my liveries look like this?

    But I haven't done deicing. It's this way when I start a flight even in the summer time. And when I start the same flight in P3D v4.5 I don't have the streaking. So something is wrong.
  13. David Norfolk


    Imagine if fslabs implemented shared cockpit though. Holy moly
  14. Mateusz Chalupniczak

    OAT cold, brakes hot?

    I believe you are incorrect here, on slippery surfaces brakes have to work lighter in order for the wheels not to skid. Therefore landing distance is significantly extended.
  15. 737NGX


    Les medecins choisissent viagrasansordonnancefr.com pharmacie francaise

  16. I have been searching forums for a while for specific guidance on this to no avail! I have two spare rotary axes on my X56 HOTAS throttle and would like to be able to change heading or speed with them, or even just make them control the dome light rotaries. I guess in the sim these are not axis controls and are actually buttons with mouse click control? I am already using FSUIPC for axis assignment and callibration, plus LINDA for some button assignments. I have read something about LUA modules for rotaries but can't find concrete tutorials. Any ideas on if this is possible?
  17. Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l

    Random Screenshot Thread

    Which airport is that where you are landing?
  18. Bartu Özkara

    Random Screenshot Thread

  19. Holger Teutsch

    OAT cold, brakes hot?

    Hhhm, when bringing an aircraft to a complete stop energy of motion is converted to thermal energy by aerodynamic drag (+ reversers) + rolling drag + braking. The first one is only minimally affected by OAT. The second one is very low even on a dry runway. So the remaining energy in converted to heat in the brakes. Why should that be higher on an icy runway? See "Getting to grips with cold weather operations" chap. C. (figure C6) Any real pilot here who can confirm that icy runways result in hot brakes?
  20. Bryan Richards


    This has made me overly excited
  21. Raymond DESACHY

    Tropo Bug

    Thank you Alberto I am indeed using SimBrief, but I cannot find this information. Could you tell me where I find this information in SimBrief. Thank you for your help. Raymond
  22. maurosandao31


  23. Edward Stefanovich

    VC zoom level

    Thanks for the reply. So I spoke to support from both ends. Ezdok developers do not have FSLabs airplanes so they could not suggest much other then to talk to FSLabs support or disabling aircraft internal cameras (I am not sure how to disable cameras though). I found this topic in this forum but that did not help me: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/22325-disable-aircraft-view/ Same story with FSLabs, looks like their group (developers) does not use Ezdok. I was suggested alternatives. At least this is how I understood their reply. I found kind a of a work arou
  24. Jeroen Post

    Random Screenshot Thread

    Somewhere over Poland...
  25. Stefan Busse

    Random Screenshot Thread

    ...finally i managed to switch to V5. It has been worth ist, so far. LH2059 EDDH to EDDM VG Stefan
  26. Oliver Langen

    Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle

    Reversed axis seems to be normal. I got everything working without FSUIPC. Perhaps there are conflicts, maybe its woth a shot not to start FSUIPC?! FSL Input commands work fine for me. Autobrake bound via this menue and the Thrustmaster Autobrake knob
  27. Nico Szegedi


    Oh boy, that‘s exciting!
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