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Club for British Airways pilots/fans/enthusiast BA Virtual and A Pilot's Life, ProjectFLY (VATISIM / IVAO) are welcome!
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  2. David Guadagno

    Cost Index

    Thanks for the update and tip @Samuel James
  3. Samuel James

    Cost Index

    Correction to this - standard A319/A320/A321 Cost Index during normal ops (i.e. non-COVID times) is 20. Cost index 0 when fuel/money saving procedures are in place or if the flight time is excessively shorter than block time - airlines don't want to arrive too early as they can risk being fined.
  4. David Guadagno

    Cost Index

    British Airways Cruise A318 CI = 30 A319/A320 CI = 15 A321 CI = 20 A380 CI = 120 B737 CL CI = 28 B744 * CI = 90 B757 & B767 CI = 40 B777 * CI = 100 - CI (Economy) = 57 B787 CI = 25 *CI = 0 can also be used on westbound flights from USA to UK or from UK to Asia. Climb General CI = 0 Source: Flights Ops provided from TOGA Projects, more information on what is Cost Index/CI please check the original source via https://www.togaprojects.com/documentation
  5. Hello, I'm on a search of a enthusiastic leader for this group. Entry Level Requirements: NONE! You just need to make everybody welcome and why not, BA group flights. Regards David

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