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  1. Hi njflyer, tried your "cockpit preparation" love it. Thanks again Peter
  2. My specs are i7/4790 @4,0 I am not that hardware specialist, maybe more knowledgeable can comment. Peter
  3. I experienced that too. What helped me was flying manually for a minute and then reengaging A/P and A/P did not quit by itself thereafter. Peter
  4. Our performance issues? I do not have them, running Orbx Vector, Global, LC Europe, tons of payware airports, ASN, Rex clouds, TrackIR, MCE ... What are your computer specs? Peter
  5. No freezes anymore, around 20 flights
  6. @njflyer Wonderful will try this today. I am not that big computer geek so struggle a bit to create my own checklists/flows. Peter
  7. Hi Niklas, you need ultimate if you want to have checklists/flows for payware aircrafts. Not sure if you buy lite that you can create all checklists/flows for the e.g. FSL Bus by yourself and all the specific commands are in the system. Peter
  8. @njflyer that's great, I am working on some flows too. The copilot cannot read some switches correctly, but I did now 3 flights incl. GSX and that worked quite well. Peter
  9. I just copied the .dll replacing the old one. Peter
  10. Finally I bought MCE. This is a pretty big and flexible package; so it took me a while to get started. Up to now I did 2 flights with our bus focussing on the co-pilot (GSX and ATC aside). In the beginning my copilot (lady) was talking all the time, drove me crazy, but after digging a bit deeper into the program I got her to focus on the important points. Now I have her to do the flows silent, use the special FSL Bus checklists and watching the critical points; e.g. speed, when landing "speed brakes up, reverse trust etc.). I probably used only 60% of the software up to now and I am very happy. By the way the voices do sound much better than you can see/hear in some videos. And finally the support is excellent. Peter
  11. Do you have this version Peter
  12. Thanks John, wasn't sure wether my information was correct. Peter
  13. John, isn't it that the "on batt" is just a selftest and the alignment should work if you switch the rotaries quickly 1,2,3? Peter
  14. @njflyer Thanks, actually I was in touch with them, but they couldn't help me. Don't know why, installation went fine, I had to confirm the mce.dll to run when starting FSX and I had never installed MCE on this computer before. Would be great to see how MCE handles our FSL BUS. If you look at some of the videos (may be a bit older) I did not like the computer generated voices when going through checklists. So it would be really great if you got the chance to make a short video. Peter
  15. Setup: z-axis of my Logitech Extreme configured as tiller (steering set), FSUPIC.dll 4.959c, calibrated z-axis in FSUPIC (steering tiller). I did about 6-7 flights no freeze so far. Peter