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  1. I do have the same problem. Weather Radar worked fine with previous release.FSX and ASN. Peter
  2. Thanks Romain, I finally found settings in FSUPIC for the elevator. Will try later, but problem should be solved, I guess. Peter
  3. Hi, I installed chaseplane and assigned my numpad keys to trigger various camera views. If I now press num1 or num7 the autopilot disconnects. There is definitely no assignment for these keys in either FSX or FSUPIC. Does anyone know this problem and can help? Thanks Peter
  4. SDK

    I like MCE a lot, cannot imagine flying the bus without it anymore (FSX). Step by step I got to grips on how to create checklists and flows. There are already a lot of premade checklists and flows which you can easily adapt to your company SOP. I like FS2Crew also, have it on every plane available, but it is static (after 6 min that etc.) or if there is nothing for the t/o that's it. It was easy to create something in MCE for that matter. I push the thrust levers to Flex detent say "thrust set man flex srs", copilot checks FMA and says "flex srs nav a t blue". Yes, there are still some switches the copilot cannot handle also in FSX, but for now I handle them. I did not like MCE because of robotic voices, but that is not the case anymore, at least for my ears (am I getting old) Peter
  5. Even so I have FS2Crew an all my planes where available I use MCE with my FSL Bus and it is great. It is very flexible, so you can tailor checklists/flows to your SOPs, interact with GSX and ATC. I used to be very sceptical with MCE (complex, computerized voices) but now I love it (when you get into it it is not too complicated and voices are very natural). And no, I do nothave any financial interest in that company. Peter Sorry wrong place, wanted it under SDK.
  6. OK thanks guys.
  7. Ok thanks, do I only need to install the binaries?
  8. Hi, do I need to update from .191 to .193 and is it worth? I do not have any problems with .191 and do not want to create some unnecessarily. Thanks Peter
  9. Hi njflyer, tried your "cockpit preparation" love it. Thanks again Peter
  10. My specs are i7/4790 @4,0 I am not that hardware specialist, maybe more knowledgeable can comment. Peter
  11. I experienced that too. What helped me was flying manually for a minute and then reengaging A/P and A/P did not quit by itself thereafter. Peter
  12. Our performance issues? I do not have them, running Orbx Vector, Global, LC Europe, tons of payware airports, ASN, Rex clouds, TrackIR, MCE ... What are your computer specs? Peter
  13. No freezes anymore, around 20 flights
  14. @njflyer Wonderful will try this today. I am not that big computer geek so struggle a bit to create my own checklists/flows. Peter
  15. Hi Niklas, you need ultimate if you want to have checklists/flows for payware aircrafts. Not sure if you buy lite that you can create all checklists/flows for the e.g. FSL Bus by yourself and all the specific commands are in the system. Peter