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  1. Fingers crossed.
  2. After a year out of flight simming. This last weekend I installed completely fresh install of P3D 3.4 and Global-vector (most options turned off) PMDG NG. AS Dublin FT EHAM Other addon's Chaseplane 1.5 AS16-Cloud art REX Solf cloulds Landed and taxied to gate at EHAM with 1.1GB free VAS So.....bring it on FSL.
  3. Matt , Thanks you very much for last night. 6 hours and as normal you used every view know to man. watched just about all your youtube vids. You have a gift few have, you remind me of james corden. Sometimes it so hard to draw conclusions from forums and what people say. Seeing the FSL run so well and no VAS OOM after a good return leg(OK it was not EHAM to EGLL but!) feels me with hope. I wish I had seen what FPS you were getting and a little bothered you only had 350mb of VAS left but still. I did not see what addons you were useing, was it Global/vector or full fat UK FTX UK? (I now it was AS Gib and UK2000 EGCC)Also was it AS16 with cloud art? Sorry just would be intresting to know what you was running I only saw chaseplane. Perhaps I just mist it if you said/stated all addons. Thanks again Matt and come on FSL just release it guys. Hope the ATC goes well today Matt.
  4. Matt is great and I will look out for that with great interest.
  5. Alex I think, The Question was " Will the P3D release work with any minor version of P3D v3? " They being minor version, 3.4 being the main/current version.
  6. WoW no wonder you was not keen on saying the VAS footprint. Just over 1GB. Even when used with just FTX Global/ a striped down Vector and only 2 active addon airports within the scenery library, P3D might not even be capable of completing a flight. I've waited 6 years for this but if I cannot run P3D on a "airline friendy/VAS friendly" setting using just 2 active airports then its just about INOP. Also given its the most expensive addon aircraft, even if it's the best I think I will put buying it on hold till I see reports from people using it within P3d. No matter how good it is am not running P3D on FS 2002 setting to fly it. Also I think its wrong to think it OK for us to have to move all sliders to left just to have a working chance of working within the platforms it was designed to be used in. For us to be frugal and carfull is fine but... Feel Sad Interestingly...... Someone stated he found out that some of the FSL flightdeck polygons and textures (circuit breakers, for example) require a lot of VAS, the forum he posted in is in German only, unfortunately:http://flightx.net/i...0604#post940604 Well if there not even usable am happy to not have them.
  7. or just never leave the VC.
  8. Your totally missing the point but as English seems not to be your native language best to leave it there. -------------------------- Seems no one want to state the FSL VAS foot print I will ask over at AVSIM. Figures crossed to see the P3D version soon as not everyone has VAS problems. Unlike the vid on youtube I watch about someone complaining about VAS and not being able to fly into EGLL. They had every addon London airport active in scenery. .....yer well played!
  9. I have no idea what you are talking about. Stock airplanes!!!! What are you thinking and talking about?
  10. Not a dig or complaint.....just for people who dont read though. VAS. Now I've not gone digging thought AVSIM fsx for a post on the amount of VAS the FSL bus users. But I did a guild 2 years ago on how to reduce the VAS foot print of the PMDG 777, I wonder if any of this will work on the FSL? No preload sounds, saved 200 mb No outside model(yer i know its not for everyone, but if you only stay in the VC it's a huge saving.) saved 250MB Turned down FO side refresh rates on displays as a minimum makes a big fps gain. I use pop up on another screen so halfed the refresh rates on all VC displays. Big FPS gain within the VC. Is this possible with the FSL A320? If you use FTX vector only have Highways and primary roads main box ticked, beachers ON, everything else OFF, save 300 MB. Bunch of other things in P3D to long to list here but not aircraft stuff. The VAS footprint then on the 777 was around 700-800mb. The above made a huge difference. I use the PMDG 777 as an e.g because it was the biggest VAS footprint. It was the first aircraft to have OOM pointed at the plane. I would like to know the foot print of the FSL A320. Also like above would happy do without 3D circuit breakers if they dont work etc, anything to reduce VAS and anything that does not work reduced to help FPS. I would really like to know what the foot print is so we know what saving we need to make. As long as its no higher than the PMDG 777 I dont see what the fuss is about. So what is The VAS footprint please? Is there options to "tune" the displays refresh rates? Thanks.
  11. As long as your A320 works fine with a vanila P3D without to bigger VAS foot print or very poor fps it ends there. Perhaps compatibility with AS16 ofc aside. But people OOMs problems should not be your problem. @Karl You dont need to own the 777 to know it VAS footprint.(its know to be "high") If you have show stopper for FSX then I understand. But unlike the OP your now saying you need to fix FSX version before working on P3D. OK so the wait will not be a sort one. So be it....saddly.
  12. I really dont see why you should test other addons for VAS problems. The one thing am sure you know is your VAS foot print if this is no bigger than the PMDG 777 i see no reason why you should keep testing VAS problems within P3D. That's LM problem not yours. Unless you have a larger footprint that is adding to the problem. If not why keep us waiting.
  13. If your A320 has not got a bigger VAS footprint than the PMDG 777 then I don't see why anyone could point a finger at your A320. Does it?
  14. Did hotfix 2 from LM not fix the bugs? Or are "we" now waiting for another hotfix from LM before we can see the Bus?
  15. Andrew, I am waiting for the P3d version but coming from someone who is waiting, here are my first impression from someone who likes nothing more than flying PMDG NG-777. After watching the Airline2Sim youtube vid's and Matt Davies ones, the best one by far was the one you were in. To hear your inputs and the work that has gone into it was a great insight, thank you. The conclusion after watching all of the above was that it seems you have set a new level, you sort of had to given that after the 6 years you made us wait lol. So now am even more feed up with the wait lol, but joking aside. Your work comes across as a mild stone in flight simming. That's my first impression without even getting my hands on it.