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  1. So do I, Intel will then up there game.
  2. No but it kicks them up the ass to make faster better CPU's competition is always good.
  3. I had my first AP Disconnect last night, it went onto head select with route dashed out. What is the proper way to re-engage? Pushing the heading select did not work. I did a direct to next way point and that worked but what is the correct way? Thanks.
  4. Are you paranoid? I just wished the guy well. Nothing else. Dear me!!!!!!
  5. I hope it goes well for you Omni.
  6. Not going to happen, did it years ago, never again. Intel cpu nvidia GPU = job done
  7. i7 7700k would not go down the AMD route if you paid me. I might wait for the 1080Ti Am still on a 780 6GB, but fps and VAS is not a proplem, wait and see...
  8. 7700 OC to 4.8 GTX 1080 DDR4 RAM 16GB 3000MHz SSD one for Win SSD one for P3D mobo = https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-maximus-ix-hero-intel-z270-socket-1151-ddr4-atx-motherboard-mb-68q-as.html Well thats what am ordering in a few mounts time.
  9. Thanks Rafal This link below should be how the text reads in the DL I have to say how disappointing it is and makes them a complete waste of time as you cannot hear them from the VC, I did not want them loud but just there in the back ground just like I get with Vryanair. Or after reading last link, can I hear it I have PA Turned up and ON ???????
  10. Hi, I've down load the Cabin Safety for the airlines I use but there not working, or more to the point I probably have them in the wrong place. I've named them to match the livery. When its says "simply extract to your FSL A320 Aircraft folder" which one? there is a A320 and one each for engine model or are any of them the right ones? I have put them in the main A320 file but I don't hear them.
  11. Did you not read though the post? They leak VAS.
  12. Interesting. The install says VC and 2D pop ups. yes it would be very good to hear if the refreash rate from the VC is the same for the pop ups, I hope note. I will try setting to 1 fps and see. It would be great to have an option to turn of the Captains PFD-ND as like you and many who use seconds screens dont need them showing, just like PMDG do it.
  13. You could try turning the target refresh on vc ones down to 5 fps and 2d I have set to 12. you could even try turning them down to 1 fps and just 2d at what ever works for you.
  14. Then drivers leak VAS, use 378.33