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  1. Thanks @Lefteris Kalamaras about! To me it really looks a FS Spotlight error! I hope I'll be able to fly soon again!
  2. Are you running FS Spotlight too? I've uninstalled it and it's working properly :/ I hope they will be able to find the issue soon
  3. Are you loading the A320 from a Panel State saved?
  4. Yes. It's 100% disabled <:( Flight went OK. I'll try later installing FS Spotlight..
  5. News: Looks like the problem is definitely FS Spotlight after resinstalling the bus for 5 times. I'll do a flight without it and I'll install again to see if that's is real problem. I'll keep you posted!
  6. I've it running and I tried now to uninstall it and run without but still nothing :/ Damn, so hard to find the bug today I've tried now to disable all addon scenaries but I still nothing. We can try to have a Teamviewer Session if you want.
  7. Already did. Unsuccesfull The only difference between the previous version of A320Installed are the textures from 4096 to 2048 to have more performance.
  8. @Lefteris Kalamaras ORBX Global + EU Landclass + FSDreamTeam GSX + FSL A320 + IVAP ( )
  9. @Karl Brooker I've no Antivirus on Windows 10 cause It has been disabled by the beginning of WIN10 installation and UAC Completely disabled.
  10. Hi, I'm sorry to write you again for this issue but with the new update and by following FAQ and Guide posted in the latest update topic by @Lefteris Kalamaras, I'm having issues loading the A320X. I've followed the guide 100% and uninstalled the bus for 2 times but I'm not lucky I'm running FSX in Windowed mode and as usual I load the Trike, shut it down and run the FSL but I've Enigma Protection error and I don't really know what to do. I've followed all the steps by deleting Shaders cache of FSX but the result it's still not working. Looks like sometimes, If I don't shut the Trike down works, but others not and the problem is not recognized at all even because of NO issues reported on Windows Events. I would kindly ask you to propose other suggestion that are posted in the forum and even if I've search everything from the forum of people that have had this issue, I'm unable to make it working. Available for a Teamviewer session if you provide similar support so it's faster for you and for me. A Report will be posted of how the problem was solved. I only have FSLabs installed on my FSX and no changes has been made in the Sim before the update. FS Spotlights has been updated to the latest version as Lefteris posted. Need help Thanks
  11. Thank you for the update, @Bob L!
  12. That's great!
  13. Thanks, @Tim Mitchell for it! So looks like AS airac are better drawn than the AIRAC! Could you confirm?
  14. @iTrekx Try this one! Let me know UIAutomationCore.dll
  15. Navigraph FSL 1701 rev.01. How does that procedure looks in our ND? @Bob L