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  1. IMO it would be better to just say no P3D version than hanging a carrot in front all the time. User can then have their peace with the hope of P3D. Edit: I would skip FSLabs all together than going back to FSX if it does comes to that, no P3D version.
  2. That is my point of my previous post. At what moment does a developer say that their product bugged. If FSlabs Airbus installed well on vanilla P3D, couldn't we say that their product is stable enough. As I said so many addons involved in both FSX and P3D, at what moment does a developer be responsible to find a work around IF no one can't or not 100% sure to pin-point the cause of a CTD for example? IMO every developer needs to divine for themselves at what moment is their product stable enough considering that there are other addons. SDK should be used to guarantee compatibility otherwise there is no guidelines Anyway, as @cyberstudio said us, customers, complaining will not get the bus to be released and we will be waiting. But if there is a voting system now it would be a down vote for me for FSLabs
  3. @Tim Mitchell Thanks for the comment and your hard work. I do hope that any of the developer @Lefteris Kalamaras or @Andrew Wilson or others would be willing to give a light on this question : Also at what point will FSlabs team is pleased with P3D version? coz it will never be a bug/ problem free? Thanks again for the team works Hendrik
  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for the hard work first of all. That is what's confusing, until how far is each developer responsible to the compatibility of their product and if there is a problem between addons and who is then responsible to fix it? I am not a software developer so I can't say much however I imagine if a developer is using P3D SDK should not that give some sort of guarantee of their software compatibility? But if a developer is using method that are not inline with SDK then IMO LM is less obliged to find a work around unless there is a underlying problem with P3D itself. The question is HOW do we pin point what causes 'a' problem/s with so many addons and WHO is then responsible to fix it? Fortunately I don't have any VAS issue of CTD with my P3D but I also have a reasonable settings, NOT all maxed out and 4K texture. I do wonder how are others having such issues? I know a guy, in the virtual airlines I am a member of, who is having OOM issue with FT EHAM and turns out he is using 4K texture, AI traffic, Orbx vector as well. To me that is looking for OOM but most people would blame it on the software. So again how far does a developer responsible to make 'fix or find a work around' to such 'problem'? I am waiting patiently and not rushing but I do wonder my mentioned statement above. Also at what point will FSlabs team are pleased with P3D version? coz it will never be a bug/ problem free? Hendrik
  5. Thanks for the update Lefteris. Honestly, I'm beginning to give up on P3D version. It's like a never ending issue. Some are reporting VAS issue while others don't. While DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG is also not clear, again some having this problem and others don't. Problem is users are using many addons and it's difficult to pin-point what cause the problem. Chaseplane is still an alpha but I can't say if that has contributed to some of the issue. PTA is modifying shadders . Perhaps if FSlabs is installed on vanilla P3D and does not give problem, is that enough to say that the software works fine with P3D? Hendrik
  6. Most people has 4096 texture load as well which I believe contribute to OOM.
  7. Thanks! I hope one of the developer could shed some information about the official P3D system requirements
  8. HI, My specs are not that great: i5 6600K oc'd 4.3 Ghz ATI 7870 16 GB DDR4 2666 Mhz Samsung EVO 850 W10 64 bit Any idea of the P3D system requirements?
  9. Hi guys, I am wondering if the system requirements for P3D version would be the same as FSX. I saw on the website that FSX system requirements for CPU Minimum: 6500, Recommended 8000 Passmark CPU Mark Score and Minimum 3500, Recommended 5000 Passmark GPU Mark Score. Looking forward to P3D version Thanks Hendrik