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  1. It doesn't need to be done by FSUIPC. You can assign your buttons in the P3D button assignment screen.
  2. P3D

    I think we need to do a Remote session one evening when your fee
  3. Lawk, If you can provide where these happen that would be great. If you get them on approach then what I imagine is happening is the MCDU has you at a speed that is too fast for the path. So for example if you have a 90 degree turn and the MCDU has you at 250, then it will likely create a sooner turn or it will draw a loop which will allow you to maintain the speed. If this happens then put a speed restriction such as green dot speed or 180. The MCDU won't do this for you. If it happens in flight along a lateral path let us know where it is and what your flight plan, fuel and zfw is.
  4. P3D

    It's on our list for the buttons not to stick however I have added a reminder in our tracker for it.
  5. P3D

    What scenery packages are you running?
  6. Are you around for a TeamViewer remote session this evening at all so we can help find the cause of this error.
  7. P3D

    So pressing the brightness button + doesn't make the green RDY light flash?
  8. The recommendation is to remove the bufferpools tweak altogether.
  9. Karim, It seems your on version 184 of the A320. You'll need to update to the latest version to receive support. You can use the re download service. Current version numbers can be found here.
  10. Rob, Where were you flying to / from? There is a known issue that resides in FS where depending on the latitude or longitute, the viewpoint can move thus putting you inside the headrest being unable to click on anything.
  11. P3D

    Have you altered your affinity mask setting?
  12. I knew you talked in riddles kostas...
  13. A new sound engine is in the works so this may or may not be affected. Until it's done we won't know.
  14. P3D

    Uplinked Winds is an SP1 item. the feature is present in the current build although is not fully functional yet.
  15. That would be great! Hopefully as we get these 'odd ball' issues sorted then they should disappear all together. And also sounds like new exciting places to fly to!