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  1. Do you get the crash after 20 minuets with other aircraft? If it was a licence issue you'd get a message about it in the sim.
  2. Not for general release just yet but we're getting closer.
  3. It is and has been logged in our bug tracker. If it does it again so resend the ATIS.
  4. Unlikely. The developers will continue to work until they have a version they feel is ready, and we have tested sufficiently.
  5. Matt has a different version to the developers
  6. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough In an upcoming update, the ability to tune the ACP to listen to the cabin sounds will be available. It was discussed in a different topic to the one you posted that this was possible so we checked and added it hence why it is not in the 183 update post.
  7. I believe its been posted somewhere that this feature has only been recently added. Someone mentioned it was possible to tune in via the VC so couple of our resident pilots checked.
  8. As I said the patch that enables you to use the ACP to tune into the cabin when your in the flight deck has not been released.
  9. The patch/update hasn't been released yet
  10. As you said your using DX10, are you using Steve's DX10 fixer? have you tried deleting the FSX cfg and letting it rebuild and then see whether you can load the A320 before you start playing with settings?
  11. can you post your dll.xml file please
  12. Can you attach your FSX CFG please? IS this a one off or happens all the time?
  13. I use the AS 1701 data and both approaches draw fine for me. looks like an issue with the coding of the data by Navigraph rather than our drawing. LFSB - ILS15Y LUMEL8K For your EHRD STAR
  14. I think its only in the upcoming versions on fsx and p3d.