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  1. If that's what you want. There's always the support ticket system you can use if you do end up having issues.
  2. So your using v193? you also need to register your product
  3. It means you get a CABIN READY memo on the upper ECAM display once the cabin is ready for takeoff and landing.
  4. make sure your toe brakes are set to maximum sensitivity
  5. Pete, Im assuming that whoever produces the chart can depend on how easy the information is to find as well? From what I've seen the LIDO charts seem to be clearer and provide more information than Jeppessen do.
  6. Your best bet is to look at the airport charts which would detail any njoise abatement precoedures. In Europe we have NADP 1 and NADP2 with each having their own acceleration values so on charts for EGKK for example, you'd find it saying NADP2 departure procedures apply (or wording to that affect)
  7. Being professional software it is both of those things.
  8. That's because despite closing the sim, you haven't given enough time to for add-ons to exit the memory before opening P3D again. It's why you may get an error that says 'Multilpe copies of FSUIPC detected'. You need to wait several minutes for everything to have stopped before opening P3D again.
  9. Yes - I have some raw footage of flight planning and importing that now I have some free time shall put together. Although as I've got a swanky new monitor I'll probably re-record in 1440p.
  10. If you need to skip to the end , just press the ARPT button.
  11. Dynamic reflections also bring a PC to it knees, at least it does mine.
  12. not recommended by us as far as I know.
  13. The problem with TOPCAT is that its a closed system so we are unable to provide anything that we'd have control of. A number of us use the TPC calculator off avsim.ru
  14. Not provided. Whether or not that may change is unforseen currently.
  15. It doesn't work like that! The message on the ECAM will go green or disappear. We aren't in a Boeing