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  1. Pete, can you please enter your product order details as described in our announcements section, so we can verify you are in fact an owner. Also, please change your display name to your full name. As far as our marketing information, thank you for your thoughts. They will be taken under consideration.
  2. Hi Brad, VAS is higher if you fly during dawn/dusk as the day and night textures are used at the same time blended to achieve the necessary effect.
  3. This question pops up time and again and has been answered several times. I'd love to have the time to point you to them but unfortunately I am currently away from the office and cannot do that. My apologies to you sir.
  4. Bruno, if you are going to keep posting, please add your real name to the display name. It's not fair to the others otherwise.
  5. Gentlemen, I can certainly understand that for some people there might be a degree of privacy and security required that exceeds the norm. We considered not enforcing the "real name" rule but the anonymity many people were hiding behind in their posts which caused several threads to be closed and/or policed means that the need for disclosure overweighed the need for privacy for our forums. Already, the results are very encouraging as respect and politeness have returned to the expected levels. As a result, we now enforce this new rule, even if that means a couple people will select to not participate further. The people who select to remove themselves from the forum can still receive support via the ticket system (as that is our primary means of providing support anyway). I am locking this thread here, as we think there is no further need of discussion on this decision. If anyone wants their account closed, please open a ticket and we'll take care of it in the next few days.
  6. Mark, check again - I think I fixed your permissions now.
  7. Dear all, the small issue with verification of older Concorde-X products when eSellerate download protection was also purchased is now fixed. Please try it again if you couldn't verify your product in the past few days.
  8. Did you not actually read the announcement whereby details on how to do this are provided? In fact, part of the requirements is to change your display name to your real full name as well...
  9. We are tracking an issue with older Concorde purchases that had esellerate download protection service added... We'll let everyone know when it's fixed.
  10. Don't forget to modify your display name to make it your FULL real name please.
  11. The beacon lights in our aircraft were done using the Spotlights system. You can take a look at the A320-X lights via the Spotlights Manager and try to duplicate them for the other add-ons you might spent 1% of your time flying (as you are most certainly flying the A320-X 99% of the time, correct? )
  12. What forum are you trying to post in?
  13. There will be no support provided in the general forum. Support can be provided via the registered product forums or the support ticket system. This thread is locked.
  14. Anyone getting "order lookup failed" should ensure that their order ID, serial number *AND VERY IMPORTANTLY* email address matches what is in the eSellerate purchase receipt they got when they purchased our products.
  15. Steve, I didn't miss it. We were staggering the updates in the forum categories. The Concorde-X forums now have the same properties as the A320-X forums.