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  1. Gents- Edit your <sim>\FSLabs\A320XGauges.ini file and add [Tiller] PedalDiscBtnStickyDrawNotice=0 Let me know if that helps - it should no longer display the green bar with the text on top. Just remember that if you do remove the green bar notice, you'll have to remember whether you've activated the comma key or not (if you have made it sticky, that is).
  2. Did you contact our support team about this previously? If you have, please send a reminder with the details of your previous contact (sorry if we dropped the ball!) - if you have not, please let the SimfestUK people know so that they can contact us with your details?
  3. Once each time you change sceneries...
  4. you can skip Spotlights with 2d panels only, but in the P3D version you might miss out on some very nice light effects for the external model...
  5. Let it do its thing. You probably have tons of sceneries installed .
  6. Dear Diama, thank you for your thank you. What would be better than thanking me would be to read my replies in the other identical posts you made? where you didn't thank me, but I would then thank you instead for having read them and not having posted multiple times so I lost the ball on how many times I'd have to then thank you?
  7. Please tell me you didn't try to load previously created saved flights into version 191 ?
  8. "bgrade"- are you using an external frame limiter?
  9. Diama- I answered the other post you started, so I deleted the posts here...
  10. Dear "diama"- it is true that it would be quite difficult to fly the aircraft with just a single joystick with 2 axis. Until that time comes when you feel it's appropriate to invest in hardware rudder pedals (after all, you spent a sizable amount of money on software, so it would be a logical next investment), you could possibly connect a spare XBOX controller or a new joystick that would have twist axis action (for example, the Logitech Extreme Pro which I use and like myself). It's quite economical and provides the necessary axes to fully enjoy the A320-X, even if you don't have rudder pedals yet.
  11. Dear Gregory, we're sorry that you're facing problems with the steering. Please take some time to read the product documentation - in particular, the part discussing Steering Tiller options in the Introduction Manual - it should give you a much better understanding of how your available hardware can be assigned to steer via the A320-X tiller. If you have further questions after reading the documentation, please feel free to read the A320-X forum, you should find plenty of information there to assist you.
  12. That is very strange if you don't have any antivirus or firewall running... you are 100% positive there's no Windows Defender? (default Windows stuff)
  13. We will take a look at this for a next update (possibly after the P3D release).
  14. OK - thanks, we'll try to reproduce in-house as well.
  15. and possibly new version of Spotlights?