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  1. I twice to try re-fly UUEE EDDH, but I have lost FSUIPC after 2 h from start flight and 30 nm inbound FIX UNGAV. Today I try to change route
  2. Good morning! I had this problem yesterday when I flight from Moscow to Hamburg. I use p3d 3.4 HF2, AS2016, A320 v.197. VAS is very good. I fly in VATSIM and atc controller give me command turn right 10 degrees for spacing, then direct to FIX POINT. Lat nav is set NAV, but plane turn left with constant angle and ignore control input from sidestick and FCU. I fly FSL320 since august and don't have this problem in fsx, fly on p3d version since release.
  3. ATA33 - Lights

    without LAND lights FPS41 with LAND lights zoom 1 FPS 22 with LAND lights zoom 2 FPS16 with LAND lights zoom 0.3 FPS 38
  4. after moving to p3d I noticed that when enabled, the landing lights in the clouds is the fps dropping at a constant flow rate vas. also noticed that if you increase the zoom in the cockpit, the fps drops, and the more zoom the less fps. When zoomed out, no drawdown fps.if i use version FSX fps with subsidence effect was not i use las p3d with HF2, win7 64, A320 ver.193, AS2016+ASCA, no EZDOK, nvidia drivers ver 376.33
  5. mean the correction of altitude below the transition level at low temperatures. here's a snippet of real-life airline I would like to clarify, whether it is implemented in the model ?
  6. ATA33 - Lights

    You can try clear sheader cash
  7. ATA33 - Lights

    I have this problem when used ASN with Rex soft cloud, but this problem fixed with AS2026+ASCA. But with this effect loss fps (50%) without loss vas
  8. is there a need for temperature correction for altitude in low temperatures? For example, i have landing in Novosibirsk and was temperature -31C
  9. I loss fps when fly in clouds or fog and see land lights effect. Version p3d 193
  10. I have this problem in fog, but I haven't land lights in cloud
  11. Very wait 319!
  12. yeahhh! install install))) thx very much
  13. thx)