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  1. thx)
  2. how work refueling system with GSX? in Mats stream he used GSX, but i try in FSX version and 320 not refueling
  3. Sometimes I have this problem. Problem was in all versions. Problem resolved by restart FSX. I haven't ezdok, but I use dx10 fixer
  4. thx very much! This is favorite aircraft for simulator, very wait for P3D) These months fly only FSL320
  5. thx very much)
  6. it is interesting to note that I didn't touch the PC for 30 minutes, the antivirus disabled at the time of the flight. I encountered this for the first time.
  7. Hi, today i am flying and in flight i have I close this window and continue flight, FSX not crash. After landing i checked Event View Windows In use Win 7 64 SP2, last Spotlights, FSL320 183 ver
  8. sometimes I also have fsx crash due to FSL_A32XX.DLL but restarting FSX solves the problem. Install version 184 made in accordance with the instructions on the forum
  9. ++++ it would be very convenient if all the switches could be switched by the mouse wheel.
  10. Happy new year!!! Very wait P3D version)
  11. Hi! How can I add airport in database?
  12. wait a bit and everything will be)
  13. Thx very much, FSLabs! Very good!
  14. Hi! I have a problem with NDB approach for rwy 12 UUOO Voronezh. You can see that we have repeated point "W", and once "W" add near UUDD Domodedovo but according chart
  15. Hmmm... But I have a320 with autobrake