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  2. @Bob L Yessir! I always run FSX as Admin. The .log file you mention is totally blank. When I run FSX/the A320, or even just AOCService.exe manually, I notice the "last modified" time of the log file is updated to that moment but when opening the file there's nothing written to it.
  3. What error(s) are listed in eventviewer? Are running any reshades, SweetFX, etc...?
  4. Is this with or without AS16 running? Do you have auto-rudder enabled in FSX settings? Have you re-calibrated the elevator and aileron axis on your joystick?
  5. @skyguy266 - Your running the sim with admin rights? Alos, please post the file as an attachment or the contents of the - 'AOCService.log' which is located in the following folder - Your Drive letter:\sim folder location\FSLabs\AOCService For examlle mine is - D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSX\FSLabs\AOCService
  6. Also, if you do not want to see the green text bar - see this post -
  7. Yep, just as 777cap said. Please look at the screenshots bellow.
  8. I watched Blackbox771 stream today and he showed us his VAS usage at a payware airport, seemed like he had plenty left. However I don't know what settings (texture size, autogen, scenery, AI, etc.) he was going with as it has huge impact on VAS. Needless to say the A320-X looked amazing in P3D
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  10. Hi there, everytime i takeoff or land i always get fluttering ailerons which really shakes the plane and rolls it, in the new update does that fix the problem or is it something to do with my joystick?
  11. Hmm, the latest .191 update doesn't seem to fix my ongoing AOCService issue. I've tried everything on the forums but the AOCService won't seem to start. Tonight, I disabled my firewall and antivirus, loaded up the sim (via the by the book Trike first, etc.) and no luck. Then I tried to manually start it and I see it pop up in Task Manager for a few seconds and then disappear. Any ideas?
  12. I agree with you !
  13. Hello In the latest update the NWS button has been made sticky. Or now it is a toggle switch, you just need to hit the comma key once and use the tiller.(press it again to deactivate it) I do not own the product, but I think the options are in Mcdu options/controls/pedals If I remember correctly you have two options One to use the rudders as a tiller, or something to that effect On lskl2 you have button toggle switch. Regards
  14. I have to say , the updates are just getting better and better, since OOM issues are getting more stable, I believe P3D version is near.
  15. Hi all, Probably many already know this, but wanted to share as I just purchased it: Its an excellent ebook, with very detailed systems descriptions of the A320. Many clean hi-res images and videos demonstrate the systems of the aircraft in an easy to follow and very enjoyable way. I highly recommend it. The editing is one of the best I've seen. Would like to try many of these on the FSL Airbus for sure.
  16. Thanks for the latest release! Appreciate your commitment to adding new features and fixes to an already amazing sim! Quick question - I noticed in the latest when I press "," to steer on the ground, a new green message appears stating "Pedal disconnect button is DOWN". This is the first time I've had this appear. Is it a setting I can turn off? Has something changed with the way I should be steering on the ground? thank you!
  17. I hope it does become available, I would buy that
  18. This works for me as well, thank you.
  19. I had been contacting andrew about it on email but that was a while ago, and it took a long time just to get a simple reply saying "Thanks for donating and congrats on winning, you'll get an email with your code." at first I asked for the P3D but changed my mind and wanted the FSX, i can upgrade to the P3D anyway, I use both sims equally and right now my PC cannot handle P3D.
  20. Dear fs lab , i have just installed the newest version of fslsb a320. But noticed that i can not have fsx to run with version 23 and more. Only version 22 fsx se start without crash. Fs se editon crashes after double click on the application(win10). Thank you.
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  22. IDG load does not change - v.191 IDG load does not change even if the GALLEY BUS or/and COMMERCIAL BUS is shedded. If you switch COMMERCIAL to OFF, the GALLEY BUS is automatically shedded, too. It should reduce the load of one or both IDGs if one of those pushbuttons is pushed OFF. But it does not in the FSLabs.
  23. Hello Eric, Rest assured that no stone has been left unturned in the quest to optimise to the greatest possible extent. However, in honesty, having done a fair bit of testing, it just isn't true that dramatically cutting the poly count in the VC would free up enormous chunks of VAS. Ultimately P3D itself simply consumes far more VAS from a standing start (A320 or no A320) than FSX. However, the team has been working very hard to optimise given the unparalleled depth and complexity of the simulation, and I think and hope you will be pleased with the outcome.
  24. FYI Dome light works perfect for me. Landed just an hour ago at night in Portugal and turned on Dome High with no problem, Dim also OK Latest .91 A320 and Spotlight .30. Win7 64 Prof, FSX:SE
  25. Perhaps the dev's should look into what that chap on the German forum posted about the extreme amount of polys in the VC and optimize it better if in fact what he says is correct.
  26. The above A320XGauges.dll entry does the trick for me. Before I had about 5 FPS drop with the tiller, now I think there is none (maybe 1). Another nice thing I've noticed, by the way, is no more errors on FSX exit (and none on loading the bus yet). But I haven't seen any FPS improvements in general. I am not sure we were supposed to expect any though.
  27. On my first flight with the new version I had to try the handling of autoland again. Before the current version it felt like the aircraft flared to early or to much, resulting in the aircraft to float a long distance above the runway. This was the first time everything looked as I would expect it to look. Nice flare and perfect decrab. We touched down firmly but far from hard. Fslabs, whatever you changed, it seems to work very good on my system. Thank you!
  28. Hi @ScottyGoesNoot -- can you drop us (Simfest) a message on our Facebook group please? I remember you being drawn, but I can't find your details :). Cheers, Simon (also of SimfestUK).
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