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  2. Yes, this makes me go nuts. You enter a payload on turn around and it just disappears again.
  3. FSX-SE

    thats what I meant saying they are useless if using ivao atis.
  4. P3D

    I heard it. No clue what it is. Sounds like something looping though.
  5. ATA34 - Navigation

    Its not about being lazy... maybe its sort of frustration. Personally, after almost each flight i did since i bought this bird 3 weeks ago, i went straight away to the forum to post a new issue. Its becoming very annoying.
  6. Hi, Yesterday I bought a320 and installed it but when I load it the simulator closed. My computer: windows10, 8gb ram, i5-6600, RX480, avast. This mornig I saw this: Q: I have just installed the A320-X, but when I try to load it for a flight, it crashes the sim (FSX or P3D). A: Try the following steps: Uninstall it and delete any remaining folders (FSLabs/A320 and the three FSL aircraft folders in <SimRoot>\Simobjects\Airplanes. Delete the Flightsimlabs folder from c:\users\<yourname>\appData\local. Reboot. Disable your antivirus temporarily. Install the A320-X. Exclude the following two folders from your antivirus checks: c:\users\<yourname>\appData\local\FlightSimLabs <SimRoot>\Simobjects\Airplanes\FSL_A32X And I did it, but the problem wasn't solved. Anybody know the problem? Thanks
  7. ATA34 - Navigation

    Louis, of course FSL must do something. I just wanted to show the OP that there are similar threads already. It is not helping if the same topic gets opened by a number of "n" users in "x" different locations. The users seam to be very lazy in searching the forums so it gets cluttered more and more (just see how many posts you find with unreadable MCP due to font size ).
  8. FSX-SE

    The reason is that valid logins for IVAO arrival positions are only _APP, not _ARR. Also _DEP are normally never online, useful callsigns in that list would be _GND, _DEL, _TWR or even _APP.
  9. FSX

    Indeed, it's been over two weeks without any updates now...
  10. FSX-SE

    Or just the scan would start when you click on the ATIS> Key.
  11. FSX-SE

    also using IVAO ATIS automatically offered airports (FROM/DEP, DEST/ARR and ALTN/ARR) are useless, choosing them always gives NO DATA. one should type manually. Dont know if it possible technically to make them working that way: pressing SEND on FROM/DEP will scan whether there is an online ATC in the position ascending order (DEL, GND, TWR, APP) and offer the closest ATIS position if available. the same with DEST or ALTN/ARR but in reverse order (APP, TWR, GND, DEL).
  12. You have to know that the last 15 A350s will be based at Frankfurt to retire the A340-300 fleet. A340-600 will stay at Munich to fly routes like Munich-San Francisco, Munich- Mexico City, Munich- Los Angeles. All routes where First Class will stay, the A340-600 will be used. And the A340-600 isn´t so fuel consuming than the -300 version. But anyway. It´s not reality.
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  14. FSX

    Please fix this soon, I can't fly to Munich anymore. Neither APP VIA nor TRANS show anything with Aerosoft Navdata.
  15. Who knows. Depends on fuel costs and A350 deliveries. The numbers are not in favour of A340 as stated multiple times.
  16. Will do. Thanks
  17. Hi, I'm running the latest version of the A320X in the latest version of P3D, in Windows 10. I have no nav lights, no strobes & no red beacons. The other external lights appear to be okay. A little help, please?
  18. ATA34 - Navigation

    Same here ! Just wrote about it yestrday. Not only with vatsim but even with ai traffic. Very very annoying.
  19. Oh yes. Lufthansa has got their A340-600s in plan for 2020...
  20. FSX-SE

    Hi, I'm bringing this back in a new topic because all the topics related are in the archive. The ATIS from IVAO via ATC MENU> ATIS works only if the ATC name in IVAO is a "simple" name without prefix. For exemple, EHAM/APP will work if the name of the ATC is EHAM_APP. However, it doesn't work and reverts NO DATA if the name of the ATC is EHAM_W_APP. Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere but is it possible to modify the ATSU system to recognize and isolate the suffix (_APP, _DEP, _TWR) no matter what what is in the middle of the name? Thanks.
  21. Dear FSL- Team, dear Beta-Testers, for now I do flightsimulation for about 20 years - but what happend in this year is the best thing ever could happen - the release of the A320 for P3D. After small difficulties in the beginning of fliying this bus - now everthing is perfect. This bird and your work is absolutely fantastic. I flew the "bus" in Lufthansa Simulator in Frankfurt before many years and what I see and "feel" here - is AMAZING. Great look, very amazing cockpit and ambient is perfect and in combination with trackir 5 and ezdok v2 (and many other addons) - I never could fly such a "perfect" airplane like this. Thanks again for all you have done so far and I am sure, your good work will goes on for the future. Keep it up FSL - you are my number one and I could imagine, that I´m not alone with my opinion. Thx from Germany (and sorry for my English - maybe) Sorry for the pics in here - only few shots from my trip today LOWI - EDDH (using FTX Global, OPEN LC EUROPE, FTX GLOBAL VECTOR, JustSim LOWI and EDDH, TOPOSIM MESH, PTA2.0 - [URP v1.0 Prologue Preset + ReShade], TRACKIR 5, AIController v2, PROATC-X, FSRealtime, AS16 +ASCA, Toga ENVTEX and all done in 4 K without any OOM so far) 2017-2-22_13-34-56-896.bmp 2017-2-22_13-35-9-616.bmp 2017-2-22_13-35-39-760.bmp
  22. I've heard somewhere that this was caused by using the wing anti-ice for too long when its not needed and for a weird reason that I can't explain it seems to remove power from the aircraft to a certain point where it completely shuts down. I dont know what is the cause of that as I'm not a real pilot. Hope I helped you Hugo Noel
  23. P3D

    OK No Gear, clean install with files deleted and we are back in the game, thanks guys. D.
  24. ATA34 - Navigation

    Thanks for the tip but a fix by FSLabs is needed here. Louis.
  25. For me is working fine if you save it in your p3d\Fsx user documens folder
  26. P3D

    Hi Gerald, With P3D I always start directly with FSL, having noted on p.7 of the P3D version's 'Introduction Guide' that if you want the aircraft ready to go, the need to load a default aircraft beforehand (as was the case in FSX) is no longer necessary: 'If you want the engines to be running upon loading the A320-X, select the A320 livery of your choice and continue with creating the desired scenario.' (Of course, if you want the Cold and Dark scenario in P3D, you still need to load the Cub and then cut the engines). In fact, i have also tried loading the Cub first and then switching to FSL but the A320 still doesn't load properly at non-default airports; the engines are running, and spooling up on the ECAM but there's no indication of this from the sounds, and the plane doesn't move once the brakes are released. Best wishes David CPU: AMD FX9590 @ 4.7Ghz | GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 | MoBo: Asus Sabretooth 990FXR.2.0 | OS: Win7 64bit Ultimate SP1 ENG | RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel Skill DDR3 | HD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB (SSD) // Seagate ST2000DM001-1ER164 ATA Device 2.5 TB (SATA)| Cooling: Enermax Liqtech240 Monitors: LG ULTRAWIDE 31" | Resolutions: (2560x1080@60Hz) | Additional Hardware: Thrustmaster HOTAS X Joystick, CH Pedals | Sims: FSX SE, P3D V3.4 X-Plane 10.50| WX: Activek Sky Next| Online Network: Quote Edit
  27. To be honest, I didn't tried much. The only procedure I use is the one I described on my post above. As it works, I didn't search for other ways.
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